History of JSC

Society history

Joint-stock company "Samarkandkimyo" is based in 1954. The first capacities on Superphosphate development have been placed in operation in 1955. For the purpose of improvement of properties of simple superphosphate, it agree the project – building of shop of granulation which has been finished in 1960 was conducted.
№105к-ПО from 11/14/2005 of year the production association «Samarkand chemical plant» is transformed by the order of the State Property Committee of Republic Uzbekistan to Open Society "Samarkandkimyo".

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan On Joint-Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholders' Rights” of 06.05.2014 No. ZRU-370, the organizational and legal form of the company - Samarkandkimyo Joint-Stock Company was changed.
1955 First production capacity for production Superphosphate 1960 year Production of battery acid, selenium sludge. 1975 A new sulfuric acid plant from natural lumpy sulfur was commissioned, according to a short scheme, using the DC / DA method (double contacting — double absorption) of sulfurous anhydride. 1976 The design capacity of the ammophos complex was mastered.
 1977 Construction of Stage II of the Ammophos complex and a sulfuric acid plant supplying Poland (Poland) commenced with start-up in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 1978. 1978 November 23 ammophos, developed by the Samarkand superphosphate plant,   assigned to the State Quality Mark. 1979 The ammophos complex was scheduled to be commissioned in the first quarter.   1982 Construction of Stage III for the Ammophos Production Complex. 1984 The production of an extraction phosphoric acid plant with a capacity of 136.4 tons was commissioned. 100% phosphoric acid per year.
1989 In 1989, the 3rd phase of the sulfuric acid shop (SC-3) was commissioned.
  2007 "Industrial development of nitrocalcium phosphate fertilizer production(NKFU) at existing production facilities" Power project production - 100 thousand tons NKFU per year.
 2009 The implementation of the project “Construction of a new production of nitrocalcium phosphate fertilizer (NKFU) (expansion of production to 250 thousand tons per year) was completed. The object was commissioned by the act of the State Commission No. 1 of December 30, 2009.