The complex fertilizer NKFU - NITROFOS combines the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of plants: nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. Nitrogen regulates the growth of the vegetative mass and determines the level of yield.

Phosphorus activates the growth of the root system and the laying of generative organs, accelerates the development of all processes, and increases winter resistance. Calcium stimulates plant growth and development of the root system, increases metabolism, activates enzymes and strengthens cell walls. One kilogram of fertilizer contains 60 g (6%) of nitrogen, 160 g (16%) of phosphorus and 110 g of calcium (11%).

Testing of NKFU - NITROFOS. Complex fertilizer NKFU - NITROFOS ”was studied in the practice of a number of farms of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Studies have shown that the mineral content has a positive effect on the growth and development of plants, thereby increasing the yield by an average of 17-20%. The use of NKFU - NITROFOS is recommended both for large agro-industrial farms and for gardeners. How to apply fertilizer.
Granular fertilizers should be scattered on the ground and slightly buried in the soil, having treated the surface with a rake or a ripper. In the dissolved form NKFU - NITROFOS is brought after a rain or watering. In order not to burn the leaves and shoots with liquid fertilizers, the plants are fed under the root on a cloudy day or in the evening.
In the case of indoor plants, a solution of fertilizer is poured over the substrate, protecting the leaves with a hand from getting liquid on them. You can also put the pot in a bowl filled with a solution of fertilizer and leave it overnight so that the solution is absorbed. NKFU - NITROFOS must be applied as the main fertilizer before sowing and in top dressing during the whole vegetative period.

For grain, melons, fodder crops and cotton: in undissolved form 600kg x 1ga.
For fruit and berry and vegetable crops: in undissolved form 125g x 1m2 .

For indoor plants: 100g x 10 liters of water and water as the soil becomes wet.

Mode of application
NKFU - NITROFOS in the granulated form is evenly distributed over the required area. If necessary, dissolve the required amount of granular fertilizer in water, let stand at least 12 hours.
Scope of application
All components of NKFU - NITROFOS are well assimilated both in neutral carbonate-containing soils, even strongly saline, characteristic of the Central Asian region, and in all other types of soils, including black soil. Storage of NKFU - NITROFOS. We guarantee the quality of products in storage conditions without moisture ingress for an unlimited time.